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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Meggen & Dr. Kevin are a husband and wife Chiropractic team. They met while in Chiropractic school and got married in 2010 shortly after opening Milestone Chiropractic!  In 2013 Dr. Meggen and Dr. Kevin welcomed their daughter, Katelyn, into the world!  They have also recently added baby brother Cohen. They where both born at home under the care of 3 wonderful midwives.  It was an amazing birth experience!  

Dr.Kevin Haselhorst

Kevin Haselhorst Chiropractor Fredericksburg VA

Dr. Kevin Haselhorst was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. While growing up, his passion was always focused on sports—especially basketball. Dr. Kevin enjoyed basketball so much that he excelled to play at the college level in the NCAA DIV II League. He also played two years of pro basketball in Puerto Rico for the Indios and the Atleticos. Dr. Kevin graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with honors and a degree in Biology. His passion for understanding human anatomy and biomechanics, as well as wanting to learn about natural health care, drew him to the Chiropractic field.

Dr. Kevin began his chiropractic studies in 2005 at Life University, where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While in school, he was dedicated to pursuing additional education and learning experiences. He attended seminars on topics like structural alignment to correct spinal curves, and exercise rehabilitation to prevent injuries. Dr. Kevin also stayed active by playing on the basketball and volleyball club teams at Life. As president of the volleyball team, he traveled to Florida and competed in the ChiroGames Olympics against teams from other chiropractic schools. He also participated in many chiropractic technique clubs to learn more about adjusting and the various ways he could help his patients get better.

When not working in the office or helping out in the community, Dr. Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, as well as playing basketball, tennis or golf with his friends. Dr. Kevin enjoys every second of life and believes that life is too precious to live under pain and or lack of health.

Dr. Kevin's passion today is serving his community by giving each individual the opportunity to enjoy life they way it was meant to be: pain free, healthy and full of energy!

Dr. Meggen Haselhorst

Meggan Briscoe Chiropractor Fredericksburg VA

Dr. Meggen was born and raised in Bear, Delaware. She attended college at University of DE and graduated with a BS in Exercise Science. During college, she began working in a chiropractic office—but little did she know it would be the doorway to her future career! After seeing many people experience decreased pain, better function and overall improvement in their health, she realized THIS was the type of health care she wanted to provide!

Dr. Meggen also had her own personal success story with Chiropractic care. As a high school student and continuing into college, she experienced tension headaches from stress. After beginning Chiropractic care, she noticed a considerable decrease in shoulder tension, neck pain and headaches, which had all become a 'common' part of her life. Chiropractic taught Dr. Meggen that while stress may be part of daily life, the pain and headaches didn't have to be!

In 2005, Dr. Meggen moved to Marietta, GA to attend Life University. In Chiropractic school, Dr. Meggen's passion was learning about care for pregnant women, children, infants and families. She has been an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, taking a 14-module program to become certified in both pediatric and family adjusting, as well as the Webster Technique for pregnant women. Dr. Meggen graduated with honors from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After the home birth of their daughter and son, Dr. Meggen really gained a new appreciation and respect for expecting, nursing and postpartum care!  She is very passionate about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and natural care of little ones.  

Dr. Meggen enjoys sharing her time between taking care of her daughter and working part time in the office!  It is a joy to be able to do both and feel fulfilled being both a mom and Chiropractor!

Please let us know if you prefer a specific doctor when making your appointment.

Dr. Kevin & Dr. Meggen feel that offering male and female dynamic (only one of few in Fredericksburg) allows the whole family to receive Chiropractic care comfortably!

Welcome to our Chiropractic Family!