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"Before I came to the office I was experiencing intense lower & mid back pain, headaches, as well as a tingling sensation throughout my lower back & legs.  It was horrible!!  Since coming to see Dr. Meggen, I no longer have any of these problems and I feel so much better in general.  They leave me feeling great every time I leave the office.  Chiropractic care = back bliss!!  Thanks Dr. Meggen and Dr. Kevin for making me feel so much better!"
~ Leah P.

"Since coming to see Dr.Meggen & Dr.Kevin I have significantly less back pain. I'm also a soon to be mom and chiropractic care has certainly made my pregnancy much more comfortable and easier to handle.  I highly recommend Dr.Meggen and Chiropractic to everyone, especially to all expecting moms!!"
~ Robyn V.

"I always have suffered severe headaches, and I met Dr. Kevin, and began to find out where the problems were coming from.  Since coming to Milestone Chiropractic for adjustments, I haven't experienced any headaches at all!  Dr. Kevin and Dr. Meggen are very caring to people's needs and will try to help you in any way possible.  They are the BEST EVER!"
~ Latoya C.

"I'm an active adult in my 40s who had never received chiropractic care. One day while out skateboarding I made a sudden move and felt things go wrong in an instant. For the next two days I was on the floor in pain. My wife had been receiving pregnancy chiropractic care from Milestone Chiropractic and suggested that I try them out. After a thorough history and assessment at my initial visit, Dr. Kevin developed a treatment plan and had me feeling much better within a few days. Within two to three weeks I made a full recovery, was back on my feet, and able to work comfortably and do the things I love. If you're looking for a chiropractor in Fredericksburg, VA, I highly recommend them."
~ Shawn Y.

"Ever since I was a kid, I've had back pain.  It has been a struggle throughout my life, as I have spent most of it doubled over pain.  I finally came to a point where Advil and Aleve just were not cutting it.  I couldn't spend any more time bent over trying to stretch out the pain!!  Since seeing Dr.Kevin & Dr. Meggen my quality of life has changed dramatically.  Not only am I able to do more things, but my back recovers on its own.  I don't have to avoid physical labor anymore for fear of being out of commission for days.  This has been the best thing I have done for myself and my health.  The support and compassion I get in the office has made this the most positive experience possible."
~ Amanda T.

"At 36 weeks pregnant with baby #4, my midwife found my baby in a breech position. I found chiropractic and the Webster Technique was a safe and effective option! Before my adjustments, I believed lower back pain to be normal during pregnancy. After my first adjustment, the sharp, extreme pain was gone! Also, within two hours of having the adjustment and Websters performed, my breech baby flipped into the head down position and I was able to avoid a C-section! I was very much a skeptic of chiropractic before coming to Milestone Chiropractic. After the successful turning of my large breech baby and elimination of my pain, I am an advocate and will continue care for me and my entire family for health and well being!"
Tabitha F.

"Dr. Meggan and Dr. Kevin are amazing at what they do. They love their patients and they want to do what is necessary to get your body back to the level of health we should all have! They take a completely holistic approach to the process of healing your body. I can't think of a better place to accomplish the goals of complete health!"
~ John D.

"I was a sceptic!  I had chronic pain in my shoulder and neck, so severe I was considering surgery.  I went to see Dr. Meggen and she was very honest with me and showed me how badly my muscles were pulling to one side, causing a lot of the pain.  My shoulder was so painful that I literally could not sleep.  I would take a scalding hot shower at 10 p.m., get rubbed down with Icy Hot, take muscle relaxers and anything else I could find to help me sleep, finally fall asleep around midnight until about 1 a.m. I would take another shower, rub more Icy Hot and then just cry.  Dr. Kevin suggested needling and after one session I had enough relief that I knew it would work eventually.  It took several sessions, but, I was getting through the night!  After some more chiropractic treatments, I began exercising and felt so much better!  Dr. Kevin and Dr. Meggen are always wonderful. I felt like a friend going into my treatment.  Not only does it work and they are SUPER nice, they are very reasonably priced and very, very easy to work with!  I would highly recommend them to anyone!  Since I started going, my husband now goes and so does a co-worker."
~ Carole S.

"Dr. Meggen and Dr. Kevin are wonderful!  I am so blessed to have found such a great place to get chiropractic work done.  They are very personable and flexible.  They always work with you to ensure your experience is the best it can be!  I have dealt with low back pain and a bulging disc in the past but now my back is healthy and pain free.  Thank you for being such great doctors, Dr. Meggen & Dr. Kevin!!!"
~ Christina S.

"I found Dr. Meggen and Dr. Kevin via the internet after  being rear-ended. I am so glad I chose them for chiropractic care! This office cares for you as a person rather than a case number. The care is personal and individual. They are good at explaining the care you are receiving. After my accident care ended, I still see Dr. Meggen as I am now pregnant. I would recommend Milestone Chiropractic to anyone seeking great care!"
~ Nicole S.

"Drs Kevin and Meggen are an outstanding husband and wife team!  They've treated my wife and I for close to two years and we love their devotion to their practice and good health.  Even our infant, now toddler son got the benefit of their skill! I can't recommend them enough if you are in the throws of back pain or discomfort!"
~ Ethan V.

"Simply the best. Lived a life of pain not knowing what too do. Took pain killers like they were candy and nothing helped. Was very skeptical about chiropractors and heard a lot of negative about Chiropractic practices. Since going to Milestone that has all changed. They are simply the best."
~ Dexter F.

"No more headaches! I used to take Excedrin several days a week due to headaches and neck tension, but since visiting Milestone Chiropractic, I have had ZERO headaches! How amazing is that?! Dr. Meggen & Dr. Kevin are great at what they do, they enjoy what they do, and they make their patients feel comfortable. I was worried about how it would feel getting adjusted -- I thought it might hurt. I was glad to find out it doesn't hurt at all! (If you're a fellow wimp/low-tolerance-for-pain-person reading this, don't worry. If even I think it doesn't hurt, then it really doesn't hurt!) They explain each adjustment before they do it, so you know what to expect. 
No need to look further. Visit Milestone Chiropractic Centre!"

~ Anonymous via Google

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