Pregnancy & Kids

Pregnancy Care

As pregnancy progresses, so does the expanding belly, lower back pain and decreased hours of sleep. Many women feel that these aches and pains are just 'part of pregnancy'. Chiropractic care during your pregnancy offers many benefits that you might not know!

Some of those benefits are:

  • Maintain balance, alignment and flexibility.
  • Help decrease upper body stress & muscle tension.
  • Reduces low back pain and sciatica due to a growing baby.
  • Optimal alignment of the hips and pelvis to promote proper fetal positioning, to assist with easier delivery!

Newborn & Pediatric Care

During pregnancy, your growing baby benefits from chiropractic care even if you don't realize it. Mom and baby are directly connected, and we are able to provide a healthier nervous system to the baby by keeping mom healthy. 

However, we don't stop our care there. Here at Milestone Chiropractic, we provide care for even the smallest family members. Birth can be quite taxing on a tiny baby, so it is important to get their spines checked after birth! Their very first adjustment is the most important to promote a healthy nervous system and immune system!

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and gentle. Your baby can be adjusted soon after birth and through adolescence. Our adjusting techniques for babies and small children are different from the adjustments that adults receive. We are happy to explain everything to you at your consultation.

Family Care

We pride ourselves in being an office that provides care for the WHOLE family! We treat people of all ages! From pregnant mommies, infants, children, moms, dads and grandparents; weekend warriors, athletes young and young-at-heart, military members, working adults or retirees, Chiropractic care is important for every nervous system.  To function at your optimal level you must take care of your body!!  Chiropractic care can provide a safe, effective and natural way for the whole family to get and stay healthy!

Chiropractic care is for everyone, no matter the stage in life!